Remote Assistance Support

Concierge Computer Solutions is a excellent IT Service Company located in South Florida. We service individuals and businesses throughout the tri-county area. We are strong believers in keeping up with technology. We offer top of the line services at affordable prices.

We take pride in our service and promise to be on call 24/7, including Holidays and Weekends to your business or home office. That can sometimes be tough to compete against and that is why we have such a high reputation for quick and professional repair services. We will make sure the repair is done right the first time and in a timely manner. We have the ability to remotely access your computer and device directly from our offices. This will not only accelerate the repair but also make sure you don’t interrupt a important meeting or family dinner while your Concierge Computer Solutions Technician fixes your device.


With instant access we can make a quick and accurate assessment of any repair needed. Concierge Computer Solutions offers great services at the tip of your fingers.

Contact us today to set your next appointment with our highly skilled technicians! (954) 232-7818